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29 September 1980
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The history of Beckie.....so far
I was born in 1980 in Preston, Lancashire. I have 1 sister named Rachel, we used to have to share a bedroom so its taken me quite a while to actually get on with her!! My mum still lives in Preston and my dad lives in Wigan.

I did ok at school even though I hated most of it due to bullies and went on to college to study advanced business. When I think about it college flew by!! I spent most of my teen years at an alternative cafe called the Zoo in preston (for people that know the area it used to be near the back of the bus station) everyone alternative went there to drink coffee/tea, smoke, gossip and generally just hang out. The place is closed down now which is a shame as I have so many fond memories from that place. I have always had an affinity for animals, and through the years have owned many different types, from dogs (my dads a dog trainer so we have always had more than 3 dogs at any 1 time!) to horses, to ferrets. I own 2 ferrets at the moment and they are fantastic, i;ve had them about 3 years now and they never cease to entertain me.

I moved to Leeds in 1999 to attend university, I promptly left as I realised I didn't want to study accounting at all! I have made my way the last 7 years in call centres and the like, NEVER AGAIN!! thise places steal your soul, i'm sure of it! I now work at thesubculture (it used to be the bassment) as a DJ once a month, its the best job i've ever had! and also at ASDA house doing customer services, but hey it pays the bills!

I love to go out clubbing and socialising with my friends, but I feel in my old age I have calmed down a hell of a lot from the way I used to be...still not sure if this is a good or a bad thing to be honest!! I value my friends more than anything and i reckon I have got a pretty sweet group of mates I would do anything for.

Its no suprise I love to get drunk, my tipple is dark rum, can't get enough of the stuff. I am also partial to rose wine and cups of tea. I have a slight obsession with skull and crossbones and so far have 3 tattooed on my wrist, in any one outfit there are usually several skulls incorporated into it!

My ever changing hair!
I change my hair a lot, usually with extension, mostly of the dread variety and usually either red or black. I have no idea why I feel the need to do this but I am constantly updating my hair and can be spotted 1 day with waist length red dreads and the next a black dread bob...WHO KNOWS????

I used to horse ride a lot, but gave it up when I moved to leeds, one day I will start again! I love to read and have recentl joined this website www.bookcrossing.com which allows you to hunt and plant books so other people can find them-GENIUS! Drawing is another 1 of my passions, i'm not great at it but am fond of drawing comic book characters and the like.

Anything else you want to know, just ask!